The Sauvignon is grown on the lay Geboch on a Porphyr soil, 450 m.a.s.l. The annual harvest amounts to approximately 6.000-7.000 kg/ha. Due to a harmonic growing of the vines, quantity regulation and thinning of the grapes is not required.
Harvesting moment is determined by the acid content in the grapes, but usually somewhere end of August – beginning of September. Like fort he Chardonnay, grapes are pressed and overnight cooled where natural sedimentation takes place.
The must is afterwards pumped in a woodesn cask (1.500 l) in which fermenatation takes place. In here, the wine matures on the fine yeasts.


The high acidity in this wine gives the Sauvignon crisp, freshness and complexity in its flavour. This powerful withe wine is very balanced an can be stored up to 10 years. Goes perfectly with Fish-dishes.


IT BIO 013