Learn Cabernet Merlot Riserva

Our Cabernet Franc is manually cultivated on a steep, ice-age moraine hill, aligned torwards the south. The soil is a composition of different South Tyrolean rocks (lime marl, schistose and dolomite) based on a porphyry layer. Due to this soil structure and additional terracing in this hill, daytime heat gets very well absorbed and re-emitted constantly to the vines during night time. On the foot of this hill, on heavier loamy soil, the variety Merlot is grown. Combined, these two sorts give the Cuvée "Learn".

Geboch Sauvignon

450 a.s.l. we cultivate the lay called "Geboch". Due to a slope of 3% this plot of land forms a slight hollow towards north. Like in the whole adjacent "Natura 2000" area of Castelfeder, bedrock in this lay is Porphyry. And because of this porphyry underground, soil acidity is very low. Even more aggravating is the fact that in some parts of this lay the soil is less than 50 cm deep before touching solid rock. These two factors result in meagre growth and yield.

Glassier Chardonnay/ Weissburgunder/ Vernatsch/ Lagrein

The largest plot of land we cultivate in our winery extends right next to our cellars and farmyard. The lay "Glassier" is just at the footslope of the Nature Park "Trudner Horn" at 220 a.s.l. on a depsits compound of lime marl, sandstone and porphyry providing optimal mineral supply for our vines.